Yes! Setting up your account is easy and takes less than 2 minutes.

Yes! Our rentals are competitively priced between 5%-25% of the retail value of the item.


Yes! Simply contact us directly by phone to arrange this.

Yes! All items have their original brand labels on them.

Yes! We are constantly expanding our collection & you can help us do this by becoming a vendor or referring a friend to become a vendor.

Yes! We don’t have a physical store, but we can bring our store to you!


Yes! We deliver 365 days a year.

Yes! If the item is available, we will do our best to deliver it to you on the same day. Pls call us to arrange for that.

Yes! All garments are cleaned and inspected before they get dispatched. Some of our items have never been worn before while others have only been worn once or twice.



Yes! We will do our best to deliver within your preferred time slot.

Yes! Someone should be home to receive your order. We cannot leave it outside the door.


Yes! Credits will not be applied automatically.

Yes! We will send you a reminder if you have unused credits in your account for a long time.


Yes! We want to grow our collection in the right way so if you see a dress that you don’t want to buy, send us the details of it and we will let you know if we can make it available soon.

Yes! Receiving your dress one day ahead gives you enough time to style it and ensure it fits you perfectly! Make sure you select the date you wish to receive the item, and not the date of your event.

Yes! If you have a change of heart and if the delivery isn’t on its way to you, we can cancel your order. It’s best to call us in this situation.


Yes! That’s what makes renting so hassle free. We bring the dresses to you and if none of them fit, you have no obligations.

Yes! We can alter the length of most dresses depending on the fabric.


Yes! That’s why renting is so easy.

Yes! We will send you an SMS and email reminder and may even call you.

Yes! In the unlikely event this happens, you will be charged AED 50 per day billed to your card on file.



Yes! Rest assured that we have a secure site that provides easy and secure payment solutions. Whilst your payment is being authorized, look out for https// in the address line of the page you are directed to. This indicates that your data is being transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection. We use industry standard data encryption to make sure no unauthorized parties can access your payment details.

Yes. Deliveries outside Dubai and Sharjah are charged at AED 50.